Musilogue Music Showcase
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野崎良太主催の音楽家Project ”Musilogue” がプロデュースするLiveシリーズ。世の中には沢山の素晴らしいミュージシャンそし

"Musilogue Music Showcase" is a live show project by Musilogue.We've always wanted people to get to know about undiscovered musicians who are active in the music scene.So we've decided to create a chance to see our performances as a monthly event.Almost all live shows are going to take place at a small venue with good atmosphere.You can enjoy nice music closer than usual and will get to know a new world of music.We want people to enjoy music as an everyday thing, like having tea or going out for a drink.It’s also one of the concepts behind this live event “Musilogue Music Showcase”. We look forward to seeing you there.